Hard times and headaches
Such things lay so far into our brain
What I’m I going to do?
Where do I go from here?
And the…
Life sucks statement
It sucks like sitting in traffic for 35 minutes
But in those 35 minutes someone in the world is dying
Someone in this world is starving
In those 35 minutes
Someone is homeless
But yet we can go across the world
And find someone with a smile on their face
A smile from someone who less fortunate
We smile because something spontaneous happen
Others smile because they were lucky to wake up
If somewhere along the journey you lost your inspiration
Turn to CNN
And you will find that it much more rigorous things going on
Things that make your situation
Not a situation
So for the moment pick your head
Because you inspire the less fortunate
And I hope you inspiration comes from them

Change the World, God Bless
Travell Penn