Michael Vick was 2010 most dislike athlete in America but at one time he was one of the most unstoppable forces to put their feet on a field. With the Atlanta Falcons, he was a 2 time Pro Bowler and 2nd amongst rushing quarterbacks. Life was looking superior for him until April of 2007; he was caught for having illegal dog fighting for 5 years. Vick spent one year in prison, after that year was up, Vick had to file for bankruptcy because his NFL salary was scrapped. The people disown him and the Falcons disown him. The one person to give him a chance was Andy Reid and the Eagles.

For the 2 years that he has been playing for them, Michael Vick is a change man. His leadership on and off the field has changed into a man he didn’t think he could change too. But at the same time I think jail time can do that to you. This year Vick has lead his team, the # 3 seed into the NFL playoffs. This was a challenge that Vick was determine to overcome. Winning the hearts back from Americans isn’t the easiest thing to do, just ask Bush. Since his jail time, Vick has been more actively involved in the communities of Philadelphia and preaching his mistakes about dog fighting. Hopefully Vick’s second chance is his last chance. The most important thing that has change is his leadership. Before Vick was a one man show, hard to trust someone else when you can win by yourself but, he was also by his self in jail. Vick is no longer the selfish super athlete but now the 30 year old life experienced quarterback that is doing everything possible to write good ending to his life.