I haven’t been a manager yet but I have been an employee in the field of retail. Based on my experience and relationship with my past managers I will tell you five things that managers should know and the things manager know about their employees.

  1. Understand employees- Many managers don’t know their employees from left to right and can really care less about them. They are so focus on doing their job that they forget about the people the that are helping them keep their job. Managers need to take the time and get to know these people, not asking them to know their whole life story but know something about them that different from the next person.
  2. Be a motivator- Know how to motivate others and give employees a goal or a challenge to complete. People start to get content with their job and will do the minimum things to get the job done. So, understand that, give them new challenges and know that everyone isn’t motivated by the same thing.
  3. Be aware- Be aware and up to date on the things going on in the company. Again set company goals, create a community amongst your employees. Be aware that you are a manager and the thing you need to manage.
  4. Solving problems- A very effective manager understands the problems that lies and knows how to effectively solve each problem in a timely matter. Solve the problem whereas it won’t happen again don’t just prolong it.
  5. Know Leadership- Understand what leadership is. Leadership and management is not the same thing. Employees look at you for guidance. Be a leader and set the example for up and coming managers working their way up the chains. Never show any weakness let people know that you have it under control but at the same time be able you ask positive questions.

There you go 5 great tips on the things managers need to know, hope it was useful. Go out there and lead. Oh and manage too!