My name is Travell Penn, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada in one of the toughest, highly criminal involved neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Nothing was easy for me and my family. From an adolescent to a young man that I am now, I have seen so much let downs and hardship obstacles in my life. My brother once told me, if success was so easy everyone would have it and that has stuck with me for a long time. Through all the hard times my family has been through my brother manage to graduate with his Masters and is going on year 2 with his Liberty Tax ownership. I also have to 2 uncles that own their own business as well. So just like them I know I can rise from the bottom to the top. So leadership is surrounding me, but it is only up to me to use that guidance and take what they learn and execute the things they couldn’t.
The leader in me is strong and quite but resilient. Now it’s my turn to show others including my little cousins, and lead them to places that I wasn’t able to get to. Hopefully this trend will continue and provide a better movement toward greatness for people. Feels weird that one person can change so many lives. Like I do every morning I’m walking out the house with my head up and leading the way.