If you follow the NBA then you should be familiar with Kobe Bryant, Dwright Howard, Amar’e Stoudmire, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garrett and Paul Pierce. These players are the top player that represents their prospective team. There is no doubt that these players are the captains and leaders of their team. So why is it that each of these players are in the top 10 for most technical fouls this NBA season. Arguing, throwing fits and being ignorant are many of the ways you can be called for a technical foul. Dwright Howard leads the NBA in technical fouls with 14 and 1 more he will be suspended for one game. What a great leader that is. So why is it that the top players in the NBA are the most aggressive and emotional frustrated people in the league? Maybe it’s the pressure of living up to the hype and expectations that others gave them. Maybe it’s our fault; they’re not leaders, their just good players. We as the media put these titles on players and get mad when they can’t live up to being a good role model, when we can’t do a better job ourselves. People are quickly to criticize a player for their wrong action but if we were in that position, could we do any better. Leadership in the NBA isn’t like it used to be back in the 80’s (like I was able to witness that) but at the same time is there anything that like it was in the 80’s. These players do lead the NBA in technical but 3 of the 6 players have a championship and many achievements individually and as a group. I say that they are leading in the very best way they can. Look at the positive things they do for the community with charities. Leadership isn’t just in the business world, it exist everywhere. They make mistakes so others won’t make the same mistake that’s leadership to me.