Those Damn Slackers


Don’t you hate when your professor assigns group projects and at the moment you’re looking around the class to see who looks like a slack off and who doesn’t. Yes, I know you know what I’m talking about. For some odd reason I always get stuck in the bad group category. I guess I need help with spotting out productive people. I am usually the captain of the team and quarterbacking everyone else but I would have to say this year has been very good year for me. But at the same time if it wasn’t for the slackers I wouldn’t be the great quarterback that I am. It’s good to have the experience of putting people in the position that they can excel in or just setting out the goals for the group. So I thank all the slackers in the world who have made me a better person and leader.

All the productive people take it as an overall positive, plus you can always go to the professor and say, “hey that kid had nothing to do with the project.” If you are the odd man out tell the people up front, “I’m don’t like this class and I don’t think I’m going to be very active and contribute to the group as you would like but I’ll do the best at what I can do.” Something like that, or just request to be in a different group, a group that shares the same quality as you. That will save a lot of time for a lot of people. But anyways slackers are going to slack and leaders are going to lead, just know what category you’re in.


The Things Managers Should Not Do

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In my earlier blog post, I talk about things a manager should know. Well now I’m going to give you a list of things managers should not do. The things that might just get you fired if you didn’t know.

  1. Know your employees don’t date them– I’m pretty sure you read the employee hand out, so why goagainst what’s stated. If somehow one of you catch feeling and have a connection I suggest that one of you quit. I don’t know why you would want to work with someone you date anyways; I thought work was to get away from that person.
  2. Don’t break promises- Don’t promise something unless you know 100% that you can keep that promise. You will lose points from your workers if you keep lying to them and selling them wolf tickets to an Patriots game.
  3. Don’t be disorganized- Remember clean is perfection. You are the example so wont you take the time to set one. Stay to the plan don’t change it mid stride, employees will get irritated if this is a continuing pattern.
  4. Don’t be something you aren’t – You are the manager, so there is no reason that you need to feel like you have to fit in. People can clearly see if you are acting or not, once someone notice it spreads and people are just going to call you a fake.
  5. Don’t be late and careless- Again you are the example if my manager is late, why can’t I come in 15 minutes late? If my manager doesn’t care why do I have to care? Remember they are looking at you for guidance so don’t lead them the wrong way.

I hope these five steps help someone for tomorrow morning and they got the picture. People should hold on to their job not lose it. God Bless.


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Hard times and headaches
Such things lay so far into our brain
What I’m I going to do?
Where do I go from here?
And the…
Life sucks statement
It sucks like sitting in traffic for 35 minutes
But in those 35 minutes someone in the world is dying
Someone in this world is starving
In those 35 minutes
Someone is homeless
But yet we can go across the world
And find someone with a smile on their face
A smile from someone who less fortunate
We smile because something spontaneous happen
Others smile because they were lucky to wake up
If somewhere along the journey you lost your inspiration
Turn to CNN
And you will find that it much more rigorous things going on
Things that make your situation
Not a situation
So for the moment pick your head
Because you inspire the less fortunate
And I hope you inspiration comes from them

Change the World, God Bless
Travell Penn

Vick’s Second Chance


Michael Vick was 2010 most dislike athlete in America but at one time he was one of the most unstoppable forces to put their feet on a field. With the Atlanta Falcons, he was a 2 time Pro Bowler and 2nd amongst rushing quarterbacks. Life was looking superior for him until April of 2007; he was caught for having illegal dog fighting for 5 years. Vick spent one year in prison, after that year was up, Vick had to file for bankruptcy because his NFL salary was scrapped. The people disown him and the Falcons disown him. The one person to give him a chance was Andy Reid and the Eagles.

For the 2 years that he has been playing for them, Michael Vick is a change man. His leadership on and off the field has changed into a man he didn’t think he could change too. But at the same time I think jail time can do that to you. This year Vick has lead his team, the # 3 seed into the NFL playoffs. This was a challenge that Vick was determine to overcome. Winning the hearts back from Americans isn’t the easiest thing to do, just ask Bush. Since his jail time, Vick has been more actively involved in the communities of Philadelphia and preaching his mistakes about dog fighting. Hopefully Vick’s second chance is his last chance. The most important thing that has change is his leadership. Before Vick was a one man show, hard to trust someone else when you can win by yourself but, he was also by his self in jail. Vick is no longer the selfish super athlete but now the 30 year old life experienced quarterback that is doing everything possible to write good ending to his life.

5 Things Managers Should Know!

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I haven’t been a manager yet but I have been an employee in the field of retail. Based on my experience and relationship with my past managers I will tell you five things that managers should know and the things manager know about their employees.

  1. Understand employees- Many managers don’t know their employees from left to right and can really care less about them. They are so focus on doing their job that they forget about the people the that are helping them keep their job. Managers need to take the time and get to know these people, not asking them to know their whole life story but know something about them that different from the next person.
  2. Be a motivator- Know how to motivate others and give employees a goal or a challenge to complete. People start to get content with their job and will do the minimum things to get the job done. So, understand that, give them new challenges and know that everyone isn’t motivated by the same thing.
  3. Be aware- Be aware and up to date on the things going on in the company. Again set company goals, create a community amongst your employees. Be aware that you are a manager and the thing you need to manage.
  4. Solving problems- A very effective manager understands the problems that lies and knows how to effectively solve each problem in a timely matter. Solve the problem whereas it won’t happen again don’t just prolong it.
  5. Know Leadership- Understand what leadership is. Leadership and management is not the same thing. Employees look at you for guidance. Be a leader and set the example for up and coming managers working their way up the chains. Never show any weakness let people know that you have it under control but at the same time be able you ask positive questions.

There you go 5 great tips on the things managers need to know, hope it was useful. Go out there and lead. Oh and manage too!

About me and the Leadership in me


My name is Travell Penn, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada in one of the toughest, highly criminal involved neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Nothing was easy for me and my family. From an adolescent to a young man that I am now, I have seen so much let downs and hardship obstacles in my life. My brother once told me, if success was so easy everyone would have it and that has stuck with me for a long time. Through all the hard times my family has been through my brother manage to graduate with his Masters and is going on year 2 with his Liberty Tax ownership. I also have to 2 uncles that own their own business as well. So just like them I know I can rise from the bottom to the top. So leadership is surrounding me, but it is only up to me to use that guidance and take what they learn and execute the things they couldn’t.
The leader in me is strong and quite but resilient. Now it’s my turn to show others including my little cousins, and lead them to places that I wasn’t able to get to. Hopefully this trend will continue and provide a better movement toward greatness for people. Feels weird that one person can change so many lives. Like I do every morning I’m walking out the house with my head up and leading the way.

Leadership in the NBA

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If you follow the NBA then you should be familiar with Kobe Bryant, Dwright Howard, Amar’e Stoudmire, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garrett and Paul Pierce. These players are the top player that represents their prospective team. There is no doubt that these players are the captains and leaders of their team. So why is it that each of these players are in the top 10 for most technical fouls this NBA season. Arguing, throwing fits and being ignorant are many of the ways you can be called for a technical foul. Dwright Howard leads the NBA in technical fouls with 14 and 1 more he will be suspended for one game. What a great leader that is. So why is it that the top players in the NBA are the most aggressive and emotional frustrated people in the league? Maybe it’s the pressure of living up to the hype and expectations that others gave them. Maybe it’s our fault; they’re not leaders, their just good players. We as the media put these titles on players and get mad when they can’t live up to being a good role model, when we can’t do a better job ourselves. People are quickly to criticize a player for their wrong action but if we were in that position, could we do any better. Leadership in the NBA isn’t like it used to be back in the 80’s (like I was able to witness that) but at the same time is there anything that like it was in the 80’s. These players do lead the NBA in technical but 3 of the 6 players have a championship and many achievements individually and as a group. I say that they are leading in the very best way they can. Look at the positive things they do for the community with charities. Leadership isn’t just in the business world, it exist everywhere. They make mistakes so others won’t make the same mistake that’s leadership to me.

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